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Our Process

Initial Consultation

We begin our process with a free consultation for those who have been personally referred to our firm. Our goal in this initial meeting is to acquaint ourselves with a prospective client's values, goals and overall financial landscape. We also use this time to more thoroughly describe our firm's process and philosophy. This first step serves as a gauge in determining if the relationship is a good fit for both parties.


Financial Planning

It is our strong conviction that every advisor-client relationship should begin with a written financial plan. Far from a simple collection of assumptions, ideas, or wishes, a formal financial plan should be constructed from a detailed fact-finding process centered around the abilities, goals, and values of the individual, couple, or entity. The plan provides the framework for asset allocation and is an integral part of the investment philosophy understood and agreed upon by both the advisor and client. As part of the data gathering process, we review all pertinent financial documents and record a detailed inventory of assets and liabilities.


Behavioral Investment Counseling

We understand that there is no lack of "advice" available to today's investor. Unfortunately, many informational outlets simply play to a wide array of emotions that investors experience at any given time. Whether it is the uncertainty of the current economic landscape, or the inevitable volatility of the financial markets, the investor's response will either contribute to, or diminish from the ultimate reality of reaching their financial goals. This is exactly why we include behavioral investment counseling in our process. Helping every client gain a deeper understanding of the real challenges, risks, and rewards of investment and financial planning is one of our highest responsibilities as an investment advisory firm.


Asset Allocation

The asset allocation strategies we implement are born out of the two prior steps of our process. An investor's portfolio in every sense is the result of a well-constructed financial plan and sound investment philosophy. This step of our process involves sound research, discipline, management, and ongoing monitoring of the investment vehicles and relationships employed within a portfolio. At the completion of this stage of our process, we provide our clients with written investment proposals that define and explain the various aspects of their recommended portfolio.


Ongoing Advice

Far from the end of our process, this last step is really the beginning of an ongoing relationship. As a financial advisory firm, every effort is made to continue adding value and providing advice to our clients. This means we conduct personal meetings each year to review and discuss their financial plans, goals, life changes, and legacy planning. We routinely meet and coordinate with either our client's other trusted professionals, or those we refer them to, who will play a key role in their financial future. Finally, each client is provided our newsletter, "Client's Corner" in hard copy or electronic form. This piece and others intentionally avoid unnecessary topics or product pitches, and instead focuses on behavioral investment counseling.